Friday, March 27, 2015

Spring Cleaning - The Products (aka Friday Favs!)

Great to see you again, Friday! 

Even though the weather here has sort of gone back to winter, it's time for... 
Friday Favs - Spring Cleaning Edition! 

Today, in my last spring-cleaning-themed post, I've decided to share some of the cleaning products that I use regularly. For me, cleaning is all about simple and easy! As products run out I'm trying to purchase things that are more natural and environmentally friendly. 

  • Method: All-Purpose Cleaner
    • I'm a fan of method products overall so it's no surprise that I like this all-purpose cleaner. I use it on basically everything: stove, surfaces, microwave, sinks, etc. Just spray and wipe with a paper towel or cloth. Bonus it smells so good (aka not like most cleaners).  Also, the on bottle instructions read, "to use: spray. wipe. admire." - so cute! 
  • Swiffer: Sweeper and Cloths
    • I still remember the lemony scent of the Pledge that my parents used for dusting while I was a kid, but nostalgia hasn't effected by dusting product choices. Swiffer Sweeper Cloths are great for quickly dusting. After sweeping, I use the Swiffer Wet Cloths on floors. 
  • Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day: Room Freshener
    • This isn't exactly a cleaning product, but you get the idea. When living in an apartment in can be hard to control smells in the building. Examples: someone cooks bacon, someone orders take-out, or someone smokes (even though it's against the rules). This spray helps for sure! Plus, a little goes a long way!
  • Scotch Brite: Soap Scum Eraser
    • I'm all about easy when it comes to cleaning and this product is perfect for the shower/tub and sink! One side is an eraser and the other is a foam sponge. It removes water spots and soap scum with just a bit of water. 
(This is not a sponsored post. Opinions are my own.)

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What's your cleaning product MO? 

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