Monday, February 23, 2015

Saving Encouragement

I feel like I can't browse on Pinterest without seeing a quote about encouragement. There are boards upon boards entitled "Encouragement" containing what I can only assume to be words that that pinner finds encouraging. I decided to take this idea and make it my own. 

While general quotes can be empowering, I think words meant for you can be even more powerful. So, I've started a "Words of Encouragement" File. At first it was going to be this cute physical file folder filled with nice words from others, but it in an effort to conserve paper, I've kept it digital. This also makes it easier to store and add to. 

What's in this file? 

Emails with kind words. 
Screenshots of uplifting texts. 
Word documents summarizing verbal encouragement. 
Images of powerful quotes. 

What do I do with it? 

Open the files and read. 
See the list of documents and instantly feel better. 
Notice the names of great people in my life.
Know a place of encouragement is just a few clicks away.

What brings you encouragement? How do you preserve encouragement?

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