Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pin Tested: Paint Sample Art

Final post regarding the Pinterest Party that I recently attended: my craft.

Painting - Dining Room Color Inspiration

For my craft project, I decided to make some Paint Sample Art for my dining room. I was inspired by this art (that I got from Goodwill about a year ago).

I used instructions from A Beautiful Mess for inspiration, but I made a few changes...


  1. Two smaller frames instead of one large one - I got these two plain frames from Michael's for approx. $20 when I used a coupon from the weekly ad
  2. Trim all of the paint chip pieces (to get rid of the paint color name) (this also made the samples the same height)
  3. Leave a bit of white space (the back of the frame insert) between each color - it was a little time consuming, but I thought leaving a space would make the piece more interesting (and I could make it so the frame was filled with full chips)
  4. I did not add a saying/phrase
Pinterest Party Crafts


Rachel Approved: Yes! This project was inexpensive (about $25 for two frames and double stick tape - the paint samples were free) and super easy. It can even be accomplished while enjoying wine and snacks! I'm proud of how it turned out - it is a great way to add color to a room that you are not allowed to paint.

Also I'm a pretty crafty person, but to do this project you really only need to know how to use a paper cutter and apply double stick tape.

I would definitely do this project again (if my apartment were actually a mansion and nobody would notice the similar artwork in multiple rooms). Maybe I'll make another as a gift for someone?

Bonus: Allows you to practice your stealth/spy moves as you take a plethora of paint samples in the same few colors.

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