30 Before 30

When I was preparing to turn 25 years old (September 2013), I decided to make a list of 30 things to do before I turned 30 (September 2018). I wanted to give myself some direction on things that I wanted to accomplish.

I chose fun as well as more serious things. I made sure I had some things that would make me a better person and things that would teach me about the world. I hope this list helps me gain new experiences and expand my comfort zone while becoming more independent. 

Mainly, I want the list to help me become more me

Here is said list:
    1. Take a Cooking Class
    2. Buy a Car
    3. Donate a Gallon two gallons of Blood
      1. (gallon one) Done on Jan. 6th 2015
    4. Pay all my own bills
    5. Take a Trip Out of the U.S.
    6. Run a 5K
      1. Easter Egg Scramble Aug '15
    7. Finish Grad School
      1. Done! I have an MPA!
    8. Go on (another) Mission Trip
      1. Kansas City - June 2014
      2. St Louis - June 2015
    9. Visit 4 new States
    10. Dye my Hair
      1. Dec '14
    11. Host a Cocktail Party
      1. Ugly Ornament Exchange Dec '14
    12. Read 50 Books
      1. 17 done! 
    13. Visit 5 (new) Wineries or Breweries
      1. Lavender Crest
      2. Wide River Tasting Room Fall '14
      3. Annelise Winery Dec '14
    14. Attend a Major League Baseball Game
    15. Log 1,000 Miles walking/jogging/running
    16. Finish my College Scrapbook
    17. Go Camping
    18. Ride on a Boat on the Mississippi (or other River or Lake)
    19. Take a Trip to Visit a Friend in a Different State
    20. Buy a pair of designer shoes
    21. Take an Architectural Tour
    22. Volunteer in a new capacity/with new organization
    23. Get a Stitch Fix
      1. December 2013
      1. April 2014
      2. Sept 2014
      3. February 2015
      4. September 2015
    24. Attend an Auction
    1. Visit 3 National Landmarks/Historic Places
    2. Visit an Art Museum
    3. Make a meal only using ingredients purchased from the farmer's market
    1. Attend 5 Philanthropic Events (I blogged about two here)
      1. Brew Ha Ha x2
      2. HCD Trivia Night x2
      3. HavLife Martini Shake-Off x2
      4. Musical Bingo for Maggie's Room
      5. Easter Egg Scramble
      6. Pints for Preservation at Niabi Zoo
      7. Family Resources Rising Up Luncheon
    2. Join a Bible Study
      1. Anna Circle
    3. See a Broadway Musical or Professional Ballet

As you can see I've made a note of when I've completed  or made progress on something on the list. Check back to see how I'm doing! 

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  1. I love your '30 before 30', I have recently created a blog based around a 'Pledge list' If you love a list then it should be right up your street! :-) x



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