Sunday, August 9, 2015

New Time List

I'm I finished grad school. Let me say (well, type) that again. I FINISHED GRAD SCHOOL! 

After two years of papers, reading, group projects, and presentations, I've completed my Masters in Public Administration program. (If you've never heard of MPA it's very close to an MBA just geared more toward people who want to work in the public or nonprofit sectors.) 

Finishing my degree has brought relief, but also disbelief. I no longer have to worry about making a commitment on a class weekend in the future. I never have to think "I should be working on school work" again. I don't have to get a coffee after work to help me as I write a paper late into the evening. I am nervous excited about what will fill this new found time. So I decided to make a list of ideas.
  • Read for pleasure
  • Take up a new hobby 
  • Craft Projects
  • Get back into a regular work-out schedule
  • Enjoy Happy Hour
  • Watch documentaries
  • Go to more community events
  • Volunteer
  • Blog!