Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Favs - QC Philanthropy Events

This week of Friday Favs has some set up...

Part 1:
Confession: I have a bit of an obsession with The Bachelor. I know, I wish I wasn't wasting my life watching, but I just can't look away. If you haven't heard, the current Bachelor is a farmer from Iowa. I have a love/hate relationship with that fact. 
Hate: I think that they are portraying Iowa in an unfair way at times. FYI it isn't full of hot farmers leaning on fences looking at fields. 
Love: The show did feature real Iowa places when they had dates in Iowa!
Because of the misconceptions fostered by the show, I've made it a personal mission to celebrate my home state. 

Part 2:
One item on my 30 Before 30 List is to attend Philanthropic Events. 

So, that leads me to today's Friday Favs...Philanthropy Events in the QC! 

1. HAVlife Martini Shake-Off
Picture taking is not a priority for me at this event!

     The Shake-Off is one of my favorite days of the year! A ticket gets you into this martini tasting event! Different QC restaurants and bars come to the event with 3-4 innovative martinis. Guests get to walk around tasting and socializing. They serve food too! This year it was a pasta bar. Last year they had a pasta bar and a mashed potato bar. Proceeds go to HAVlife, a local nonprofit foundation that works to prevent lost potential of youth through support of participation in athletics, music, and the arts. 
If you go in 2016, get a DD. For the past two years, a friend's mom drove us to the event and my dad drove everyone home. Having fun is so much easier when you're being safe! (Also it's usually chilly outside so the door to door service is pretty great!)

2. Davenport Jaycee's Brew Ha Ha
     This event is set up just like the shake-off but with beers. It's held in a park in the fall so there are a few tents holding tables with various beers to sample. A ticket gets you a glass that is used for tasting plus its a great way to give new beers a try! Proceeds of this event support local charities and programs. 

(This is by no means a comprehensive list of philanthropic events in the QC. These are just two of my favs.)

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