Monday, February 9, 2015

Paper Cuts

Yesterday, I got the most terrible paper cut. It's right under the fingernail of my right pinky. As you can guess, it's obnoxiously painful considering how small it is and how quickly it was made.

There is one thing I like love (it is Valentine's Day week after all) about paper cuts.
Crazy, I know.

I love that everyone gets them. In this world of classification and division, paper cuts are something that everyone experiences.
All races and religions can relate to the painful sting.
Rich and poor occasionally feel that hate for a piece of paper.
Young and old are amazed by how such a seemly innocent material can be so hurtful.
Each nationality can empathize with forgetting about the injury and applying hand sanitizer or applying pressure.

I have a concern though: A paperless society.
  • The default for Church Council documents is to receive them electronically and bring a tablet/laptop for viewing at the meeting.
  • My boyfriend, high school teacher, requires that most of his assignments be submitted electronically.
  • My sister and all of her high school classmates have iPads so textbooks are virtual.
  • I turn my grad school papers in via email.
  • My office is working to eliminate paper files and store everything virtually.

While I believe this transition is awesome for the environment and I can't help but wonder if we may be eliminating a great equalizer.

Without paper will paper cuts become a thing of the past?

(P.S. This post is not about me being anti-environment. I'd classify myself as a green thinker. I'm a huge supporter/actor of reusing and recycling.)

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