Monday, February 2, 2015

List Obsession

I found these lists in about 3 min of Facebook Timeline browsing. We're obsessed with lists. 

I'm not talking about the positive lists that help one keep track of things to accomplish or items to purchase while at the store. I'm referring to the lists that send you into a black hole for roughly 15 min to 2 hours. 

Has it happened to you? You're just browsing Facebook or Twitter and then snap to realizing you've spent an embarrassing amount of time reading silly countdowns. I admit that I'm guilty. Then, after we find a great one, we share it with others leading them into the same time-wasting fate. 

Why are we obsessed consumed by these lists?
Is it the titles or taglines? The funny pictures or gifs? The opportunity to space out or get a break from work? 

I admit that I fall for them too, but I'm going to try to change my ways. 
I'm vowing to spend my time actually living this week and not on reading useless countdowns or reasons for something. I'm going to reach out to a friend to chat, pick up a book instead of my surface/phone, or work on a blog post. We'll see how this goes. 

I may have to make and exception for lists about sloths... #toocute

We got over 13 inches of snow over the weekend! The trees are gorgeous, but the roads are a different story. 

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