Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pin Tested: Banana Bread in Mug

Yesterday, I found a recipe for banana bread in a mug and decided that today would be the perfect day to try it. I followed Kita's recipe.

As I assembled my ingredients, I realized that I did not have any baking powder so I did some research on backing powder replacements. A few websites said that baking powder could be made by mixing baking soda and cream of tartar, but alas, I had no cream of tartar either. I decided that I would use just a little more baking soda since the recipe only called for 1/8 tsp. of each anyway. I did make a few other additions: chopped walnuts and mini chocolate chips! (Also, check out that new whisk! The real reason I wanted to make this: to use a Christmas gift! Thanks Grandma!)

I followed all other directions from the original recipe. While cooking, the banana bread in a cup passed the smell test, but the taste and site tests were not as clear. I think the flavors of the bread were okay (but I might add a little cinnamon if I made it again), but I was not a fan of the texture. One of my favorite things about banana bread is it's browned, slightly-crusty top and it's slightly dry nature. Using a microwave (and the steam that occurs inside), caused my favorite qualities to be lost in this banana bread. It was a bit more cake-like than I enjoy. The bread not being my ideal texture, will prevent me from making this banana bread in a mug again, but I will continue to enjoy traditional banana bread. I'm also planning on trying some other (cake) mug recipes in the future.

Notice another popular pin? I created a Sharpie-d Mug a few weeks ago. I made it at a Pinterest Party with my co-workers. (We all brought a snack made with a recipe we found on Pinterest as well as materials to make a craft from Pinterest) The hostess provided traditional black Sharpie markers and these plain mugs to make as favors. I've been carefully hand washing mine, but I still lost a little of the black off of my handle. I've read in other posts containing a mix of successes and failures, but oil-based markers seem to have a better success rate. I'm going to love mine a lot and if the paint comes off, I'll be happy to troubleshoot and try again.

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