Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favs - Make-Up Edition

It's Friday the 13th! Do you know that means? Black Cats and Broken Mirrors? Just kidding! Friday Favs! 

Today I'm sharing items from my make-up bag! 

I'm a 5 (well maybe 7) minute face girl and keep my make-up routine pretty simple (see what I did there - makeup? pretty simple?), but I do have some serious favorites. Here they are! 

      Love this eye shadow palette! It's versatile and the shades brighten my eyes. The shadows wear well too. Bonus: Pacifica is 100% vegan and cruelty free and I got this palette at my friend's cute shop, Everfield, which features cruelty free, organic, vegan, and natural products. 

     My brows have a few bare spots, but eyebrow pencils freak me out so I was so glad when I found this product. Inside there are two shades of powder, a tinted wax, tweezers and a brush. I listened closely to the women at the salon, but this product pretty easy to use and long wearing. It is a splurge in terms of budget, but mine has lasted a long time! 

     Mary Kay lipstick is one of my can't live without items. It is creamy and long wearing. It doesn't get clumpy or bleed onto my face. Plus it doesn't try out my lips and it comes in all sorts of great shades. 

     My most favorite mascara! It makes my lashes full and long and doesn't flake off during the day. It makes sense that it's one of Mary Kay's best sellers because this mascara is awesome! 

    This is a fantastic lip gloss. It gives great color and is perfect alone or over a lipstick. This lipgloss is not sticky at all. 

So there you have it! My make-up bag favorites! 

(This is not a sponsored post.)

Are any of these items in your make-up bag? What are your favorite make-up items? 

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