Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Favs - New Favorite Tech Thing

Serious Confession: Every single time I think of/hear the words "favorite thing" (who am I kidding? Just "favorite" does it too.), at least five words from The Sound of Music's Favorite Things pop into my head. 
Maria aka Julie Andrews doesn't mention my new favorite thing, but I'm sure if there was wi-fi and iPhone's in Maria's time, she'd agree with me. 

My new favorite thing is... Listening to Podcasts

Honestly, until last Sunday I didn't even know how to even go about listening to one. Now, they are my new favorite gym companion. And I've spent a ridiculous amount of time browsing titles to find things I might want to listen all that I've seen are free!

Confession # 2: So far, I've only listened to Serial, but it is so good and makes time on the treadmill move along pretty quickly. 

I created a page with all of my Friday Fav posts. Check it out!

Am I the last person to have heard of Podcasts? Which are your favorite to listen to? 

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