Thursday, April 23, 2015

How are you?

Last week, I read this cupcakes and cashmere blog post about the impact of responding positively. I've been thinking about it ever since. Emily writes about the impact of another's positive response to the "How are you?" question had on her day. She shares how the positive response always put her in a better mood and I agree. 

Her post reminded me of an experience from a few years ago when I was volunteering at a clothing ministry. The ministry was set up like a department store and those in need could visit and choose items that they needed free of charge. I was working in the bagging area and the essential "How are you?" question was being delivered continually. One gentleman's response was, "I can't complain!". I was surprised by his answer. He was here because he was in need of new clothing. He was probably carrying or wearing all of his possessions and he had nothing to complain about?!? Not one thing? He wasn't just "okay" or "getting by". He found nothing to complain about. 

This week I'm working to give positive, but honest and constructive answers to "How are you?". Basically, I want my answer to be thoughtful and not my standard "oh, fine" or "not too bad". Hopefully, it will brighten not only another's day, but also my own. 

(These pictures are from the walk I took this morning. And there is no filter being used here - the sky is that blue! Spring is simply gorgeous!)

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