Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Favs - Emojis

With the recent iPhone update, talk of new emojis is in the air. Honestly, my main disappointment is that there is still no taco emoji! Seriously, who wouldn't use a taco emoji?? I figured it to be an obvious addition, but apparently Apple did not. 

Anyway, here are my frequently used emojis and reasoning behind some of my choices. 

1. Thumbs up and down: applicable in so many situations! I use these all the time!

2. Straight Mouth Teeth Showing Face: Perfect for anything intense or awkward. Aka various moments on The Bachelor or the end of Scandal last night. 

3. Pizza, Spaghetti, Wine, and Beer: food staples. duh.

4. Octopus (and animals in general): I'm not sure why, but I send it them in many texts to my sister and dad.

5. Dancing Girls and Girls in Dresses: me and my friends.

Are you an emoji user? What are your favorites? 

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