Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekend Recap - Bloom and Grow

Three Things about this Weekend

1. This weekend I got to attend my churches women's retreat. The quick retreat took place at one of my most favorite places, Camp Shalom. A little over 20 women gathered for this gardening themed retreat. We started with socializing over appetizers then a pasta dinner. Our gardening theme started with us each sharing a story where we had to "dig deep" to overcome a situation. Next, we had a simple worship in candlelight. For some of us the evening ended with an easy night hike. 

The next morning started with a morning walk around camp and a lovely breakfast of quiche and cinnamon rolls. Then we started our reflection/discussion sessions. Each was related to a gardening activity and related to a story of an historical or present day woman. We talked about "sowing seeds" of desired growth in our lives along with "weeding and tending" where we thought about things that nourish us and things that keep us from being who we want to be. Lastly, we talked about celebration through "harvest". After lunch and another walk, we did a flower themed craft and finished the retreat with worship and communion. 

The retreat was so quick that I'm still reflecting on our discussions. We each got a journal booklet so I'll be going through that over the next few days. My most favorite part of the retreat was forming connections with women of a variety of ages and enjoying the quiet of camp. 

2. My brother played in his first outdoor soccer game of the season on Sunday and the weather was perfect! 

3. My tulips are starting to bloom! 
(some pesky bunnies have been munching on the leaves though!)

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