Saturday, April 11, 2015

Friday Favs - Cold Survival

I'm officially suffering from a spring cold. It is terrible. (hence this Friday Favs post on Saturday) Luckily, I think I'm finally over the worst (which was brainstorming ways to remove my ears to alleviate the pressure...). 

Anyway, here are my Friday Favs for Cold Survival:

1. Entertainment: Mine came in the form of Netflix (mostly Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 and Revenge) and Season 1 of Girls that I got from the library. Variety is key when your sickness lasts 3-4 days!

2. Tea: Nothing like some warm liquids to soothe an achy throat! I found this tea (that's suppose to help the immune system) at HyVee and love it.

3. Tissues with Lotion: An essential when you're going through them at a high rate! 

4. Popsicles: No explanation needed. 

Anyone else out there suffering from a spring cold? What do you do to get through it? 

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