Sunday, January 20, 2013

Pin Tested: Tile Coasters

I thought my living room needed some brightly colored coasters and I thought these on Pinterest would be perfect!

Inspiration and Directions:
Pinned Image
I followed Lindsay's directions from her blog


Pin Approved?: Yes, I love my cute and colorful coasters. I would suggest this project to others because the coasters serve their expected purpose and they were pretty inexpensive and easy to create. I have had so many other ideas for these coasters since I made mine - different colors of tiles could be used so I need more rooms in my house...
They would also make a great gift! 

Problems/Issues: I had my coasters stacked for awhile and the felt stuck to the coaster under it so now I don't stack them. I'm not sure if a different glue or sealer would fix this or if it was due to the conditions in my apartment. 

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