Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Pin Tested: Sweater Leg Warmers

A co-worker wore these last week and they looked store-bought so I was very surprised when she told me that she made them! She explained her procedure for me, but I could not do a craft project without checking on pinterest first.
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(photos link to source)

Cost and Materials:
  • Sweater (I got mine from a resale shop for about $4 - many thrift/resale shops are having sales on winter clothes right now)
  • Fabric Scissors
  1. Lay sweater on floor
  2. Cut sleeves off of sweater (my legs are short so I didn't need to cut all the way to the shoulder)
  3. Wear them!
My method was just like Brie's (the second picture in the inspiration section)

End Result:  

I'm expecting that the edges of mine will ravel a bit. I could fix these by using Sandra's method and adding a bit of fabric glue and folding over the cut edge. (She made a scarf too. And I bought two sweaters a second pair of legwarmers and a scarf may be in my crafting future...)

Pin Approved?:
Yes, I love my sweater leg warmers! I think they help add something new to my commonly worn boots!
I have a second sweater that I want to use for this project. I might make the scarf (from my 3rd inspiration picture) too.

Have you made a wearable craft based on instructions from Pinterest? How did it turn out?

Your Fellow Crafter,

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