Saturday, April 6, 2013

S'more Bites

Inspiration/Original Pin:

S'more on a Stick from Two Parts Sweet


  • Bag of Large marshmallows
  • 4-5 Graham Crackers (I used low fat to make this a "healthy" dessert)
  • Chocolate Chips (I used a mix of semi-sweet (1/3 cup) and milk (1/2 cup) chocolate)
  • Splash of milk (I used 1% since that is what i normally drink)
  • (This picture shows the marshmallows in pop form - I decided to forgo the sticks and make them s'more bites)

I used Two Parts Sweet's directions as inspiration for mine.

    Assembly line is ready to go!
  1. Melt approx 1/2 cup milk; 1/3 cup semi-sweet chips; and splash of milk in microwave (I microwaved in 5-10 sec intervals - I once had a terrible chocolate melting experience with my best friend in 5th grade - chocolate popcorn is amazing, but burning the chocolate will only prolong the time until you get to try it - it may also make your dad upset for ruining a 'microwave safe' container) 
  2. Crush graham crackers (with an empty wine bottle preferably - see below)
  3. Dip the marshmallow in melted chocolate then graham crackers
  4. Allow for chocolate to harden
  5. Enjoy!

Step #3a
Step #3b

Pin Approved?: Yes! These are delicious! And easy/quick to prepare. I love that they are a twist on a common comfort food and have few ingredients. A bonus is that they use few dishes so clean up is easy. 
S'more bites would be great to bring as a dessert to a party, trivia night, birthday, or holiday. 

I taste-tested these with six 3rd grade boys, my parents, and my college/middle school sisters: all declared them a winner!

Troubleshooting: I had to re-microwave my chocolate a few times. Maybe using a double boiler would make things easier if you make a larger batch.

All done!

Bonus Project: Pinterest has SO many ideas for empty wine bottles. Seriously, search it. They all seem a little ridiculous so I take mine back in for a deposit. 
Unfortunately, I do not have a rolling pin. (I really have little need for one so why buy it?) This project required crushing graham crackers (I could have used my mini food processor, but I didn't want to get it out of the cupboard). 
At this time, I created the empty wine bottle rolling pin. Try it. Very Effective.

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