Sunday, March 17, 2013

Pin Tested: Smoothie Short-Cuts

Project 1: Frozen Spinach Cubes

Inspiration/Original Pin:

1. Blend spinach and a bit of water in blender

2. Poor in ice cube tray
3. Freeze
4. Add to smoothie

Pin Approved?: Yes! These are perfect for smoothies and avoid having to throw out spinach when I don't get it eaten quick enough. The spinach cubes also replace ice in smoothie. 

Kitchen Mess
Problems/Changes: I had no major problems with this (it is pretty hard to mess up two ingredients, right?). 
Warning: Be careful that your blender is tightly sealed - mine was not so the spinach-y liquid spilled all over my kitchen... At least it is St. Patrick's Day so a green kitchen is actually festive. 

Project 2: Yogurt Cubes

(P)Inspiration/Original Pin:


1. Spoon yogurt (I used light vanilla) into ice cube tray

2. Freeze
3. Add to a smoothie (or even eat like a Popsicle) 

Pin Approved?: Yes! These are perfect for smoothies and avoid having to throw out yogurt (I like to buy the big containers for smoothies, but my mornings always seem to be busy after I open it and I don't eat it quick enough). Having the yogurt frozen prevents me from having to add ice to smoothies. 

Problems/Changes: I had no problems completing this pin. And recommend it to anyone that enjoys making smoothies. 

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