Friday, January 23, 2015

Resolutions: 2015 Edition

I like to ponder my yearly resolutions a bit.
It is more of a Dec to Jan project for me.

This year I went with a few "number" goals and a few that are a bit more abstract. And actually, I'd like to refer to this list as my focus for the year. I wrote goals in my notebook and I regret it a bit...
I feel like "resolutions" is such a heavy word. I want this list to be more about ways that I'd like to grow this year and not a marker of success or failure. So, focus (or goal) is it! 

I've also been capturing some more (less serious) things to try in 2015 on my Pinterest Board. Wish me luck!

What goals are you focusing on in 2015? When do you usually plan for the next year? 

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